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Tim to the rescue again!  You are our favorite person at IPU!!!!!!  Love you!!!!


Mary Quinlan

Q Group, Inc.




I have written before to tell you what an awesome part of the iPROMOTEu team Tim is, but I just wanted to do it again. I don't know where he came from, but I hope he never wins the lottery so he can be with IPU forever!

There are so many great things about working with IPU, and Tim is definitely in the top few.

Thank you for keeping so many good people at our disposal.


Amy Tovsky

Adhoc Promo




I really don’t know where you find these guys and gals that work in the home office.  They are all terrific and here is another WOW for one of them. I called Tim Notaro yesterday and asked him if he could take the time to help me out with an email flyer to help me get the business rolling.  Without hesitation he took up the challenge and in a few hours he had a proof copy for me and this morning we made a few adjustments and abra-kadabra just like magic I have a beautiful email flyer that I never could have done myself much less in the short time it took him to put it together for me.


Not once did I here “well when I get around to it or when I have time”. Ross I commend you for putting together such a fine group of home office employees. Thanks again!


Fred Ex

PJ's Desert Trophies & Gifts




You made me look fabulous and I really appreciate it!!  Thank you for dropping everything to make it happen.  We pulled off about a $6000 sale because of your tremendous responsiveness!  GREAT GREAT Work!


Kristen Hill

Corporate Imports





Just couldn’t let another minute go by without saying, yet again, how invaluable Tim Notaro is to me and my company.  He’s quick, efficient and super helpful.  I can’t tell you how many times he’s saved the day on quick art conversions and mock ups.  I just love him!!


Keep up the good work, Tim!


Susanne Denny

Moxie Promotional Marketing




Thank you. As always, your turnaround time and precision is simply amazing! Total excellence.


Andrew Silvia

Key Account Executive




You’re a friggin’ genius. 


Susanne Denny

Moxie Promotional Marketing




Thanks.  You are amazing Tim.  So fast and great at what you do!  I really appreciate it!


Teresa Lynn

3two3 Promotions





Thanks for making me look good!! My customer was VERY IMPRESSED with you and I just wanted to say THANK YOU for your excellent customer service! Your knowledge and experience made it possible for me to me to make the sale and meet her RUSH deadline with artwork that was exactly how she had envisioned it! This was my first time using the art department and I couldn’t be happier!


Have a great day!


Carla Mulder

Interstate Branding





I wanted to let you know that Tim Notaro is amazing! As I am sure you know I am no professional artist and as I am doing things I have questions often about what I am doing (Mostly wrong by the way). Tim has always been happy to answer my questions and not only does he answer them but he answers really fast! I really appreciate how helpful he is and how he is willing to share his knowledge with me. Thank you so much for having quality individuals working at IPU!


Steve Kennedy

Brand 1 Promotions





You are the best! I was just asking my boss how it is possible that we had a full time person on staff that only had 4 of us to deal with and he would take 10 times longer than you do with all of the affiliates feeding into you!


Jennifer Laret

A4 Promotions

You are the BEST Tim Notaro!!!  I just know God will bless you BIG for this! Thank you SO much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dawn Teller

Brandit Promotions




Thank you Tim!


BTW, I had lunch with Mike Sprinkel yesterday, my national account rep.  He brought up to me how unbelievably talented you are....I know I've told you before but we really appreciate you!


LaVonne Beecher

Safari Brand Marketing




I just want to say how THANKFUL I am for Tim Notaro.  He is responsive, creative and completely thorough in all that he does.  And the price can’t be beat. 


Thank you for another great iPROMOTEu service!


Susanne Denny

Moxie Promotional Marketing





I hope all is well with you!! Just a short ~~~but sweet note.


TIM IS THE BEST!!!! Thank you for having Tim on staff at IPU.  He is incredible…his turn-around is unreal….he does a great job…. knows his "business"….       HE ANSWERS EMAILS!!  :)


Tim should be highlighted and touted in your AFFILIATE newsletter!!  Make sure all affiliates know about his incredible service!!! I can not say enough about him!!


Thank you again!

Ellen Orne          

Ellco Promotions, Inc.





I must take a moment to give a huge thanks to Tim Notaro from IPU Graphics Design Dept. He is awesome! He always goes out of his way to help and is a great resource. Tim is a huge benefit to the IPU family and I think he deserves a GIGANTIC pat on the back. Since no one would hear me if I shouted it off my rooftop, I thought this is the best way to say THANKS to Tim and get the word around that he is THE best!!!!


Jan Imperia Estis 

Estis Promo





Tim helped me out three times today.  I needed a file saved down, then turned into a one color and then one other favor.  I offered to put in a PO for his time but he just did it at no charge and I didn't wait very long at all.  I told him, "no rush" each time because I know he is busy.  Tim does outstanding work, is always pleasant and his turnaround and pricing can't be beat.  I hope he never goes away, he is awesome!!!


Julie K. Rankin

New Hype Solutions, Inc.




Thank you, Tim. I will tell Ross you are the most important person at IPU. Don’t know what we would do without you.


Ellen Castaldo

Promo Xperts LLC




And last but certainly not the least of these, I want to share what a tremendous help Tim Notaro is, and always has been.  Tim has helped me too many times to count, with getting projects done not only in crunch times, but always produces quality work with such a willing and pleasant attitude!  And art often calls for edits.  Everyone at IPU is always helpful, but Tim is definitely an iPROMOTEu top pick, and it is always a pleasure to work with him.


Judy Jenkins

The Marketing Mecca





That's it!  I think they should put you in charge of the world because you are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thanks for turning it around so quick!  If you ever need a reference, put me down!


Dawn Teller

Brandit Promotions






I have been working with graphic designers for over 20 years, and I have to say YOU ARE THE BEST!!!! We (speaking for myself) must drive you crazy with our cryptic instructions, but you are so quick, patient, and right on!  

Thank you, thank you!!


Gayle Isono






Tim I so love you right now…thanks for making my day…you truly are amazing at what you do!!!


Stephanie McCue

Creative Promotions

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