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At an early age I always seemed to be drawing something. Whether it was tracing Garfield comics or waking up early on Saturday mornings to draw with Captain Bob from The Nature World of Captain Bob show.

In High School, I was introduced to a Graphic Design course. No longer was I limited to creating art with pencils and colored construction paper. I was learning about silk screening and making images to print on t-shirts.

In college, I broadened my art experience by taking classes like Color Theory, Photography, Art & Copy, Figure Drawing, Cartooning, Illustration, Painting, Sculpture, Graphic Design, Web Design, and 3D Animation. College was also where I was first introduced to art on the computer.

After graduating college with my Bachelor of Fine Arts / Graphic Design degree, I took a job with the Lowell Spinners Baseball Club  (a Single-A affiliate of the Boston Red Sox). The Spinners were in search of someone to create graphics and animations for the team's scoreboard. I was given the opportunity and it lead to three seasons with the team.


Though working for the Spinners was entertaining, it was only for a few months out of the year. From there I went on to obtain a contract job with EMC Corporation. Initially, it was a 3-month contracting job to create 16x16 and 32x32 pixel icons for their Navisphere Manager software; however, they renewed my contract for another 7 months and then hired me as a full-time employee in August 1999.

Over the years, in addition to making icons, I would create wizard graphics, charts, design logos, and t-shirts, and develop intranet websites, concept art, and installation posters. Also, I was able to take advantage of various workshops such as Powerpoint, Flash, Dreamweaver, and Common User Experience.

After my time at EMC, I was hired as a Graphic Design Specialist for iPROMOTEu; a back-office support company that works with promotional product companies. The position entails providing art files to our 500+ affiliates. In addition to supporting the affiliates, I would also create in-house graphics and advertisements to support the iPROMOTEu Marketing Team. This would include such things as graphics for email blasts, print advertisements, and trade show art for banners and posters.

In 2015 I left iPROMOTEu to work for OYO Sports Toys. At first, I was part of a team of designers that would collaborate on creating assets for packaging and mini-figures. In addition, I would also create digital and print advertisements and illustrate coloring pages. Towards the end of my time with OYO Sports I was the sole designer. I would design mini-figures and packaging, create art for social posts and in-store posters, and provide imagery for the web store. Also, I would test print to make sure the final products and packaging were correct, and be involved in brainstorming new products.

Since OYO Sports I have been a freelance designer working for a broad range of companies. I create art for posters, social ads, packaging design, mock-ups, sell sheets, brochures, flyers, and website design

In my free time, I've been known to enter art contests and I've even won a few of them. I've been chosen twice as a finalist for a Gildan t-shirt design contest. I've also won an iPod for a design I submitted to a BLIZZARD - World of Warcraft poster contest.

I've felt very fortunate that I've been able to work in a field for the last ten-plus years where I loved what I did. I feel that my skills, love for art, and aptitude for new tasks make me a well-rounded individual that excels in whatever undertaking I am presented with.

Thank you for taking the time to read about my background.


2010 - present

2010 - present

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